life is like a tumbler…




Life is like a tumbler, sometimes you put coffee in, some moment it’s Mark & Spencer’s tea, and some days it’s just only lemonade in there. Or just some pure water. Or Korean soju. 😀

I mean sometimes what’s inside is not the same thing that a label told. Yes, sometimes it’s the same thing, but sometimes, it isn’t.
The best part? You can even change the label yourself. Just have fun doing a little art thing. And be creative.

I have just reach my advanced age in the late of April. But I think I haven’t been advanced in any skills yet. I fail a lot during this life, and will again in the future.

I didn’t get a scholarship for Lee Kuan Yew, National University of Singapore.
I was admitted to the University of Gothenberg in Sweden, but fail to receive a scholarship.
I sent an application form to University of Hawaii, but too lazy to do an IELTS test at that time, then, I definitely fail to surf the blue ocean there.

But I got a scholarship from University of Tokyo, the one that I never planned or hoped before. I can say that during the ‘seeking scholarships process’, I just found out about this scholarship accidentally. And I just sent it, with no hope, because it’s Todai, how can a failure girl like me can dream of.

“Just try.” Some of my best friends told me one day. And also some of my professors. “Just give it a try.”

It is not an achievement in life. I just got it there with some lucks. I know it. It is not about that I am good or not good. It is just about … It’s new program, most of people don’t know about this scholarship. It’s just that.

At least my dad and my mom smiled about this news.

I haven’ finished any book yet.
I haven’t got married.
I don’t even know how to drive a truck. (But yes, I can drive a pickup now.)

But I have just volunteer myself to translate a paper for a community hospital.
My local friends and I have just create a mini (or maybe expand to “half”) marathon called “Run Rice 2013 – วิ่งผ่านทุ่งข้าวเขาวง” which will take place in this coming Sep.
I sent an article called “ฉันเป็นมิตรหรือเป็นพิษต่อสิ่งแวดล้อม”, and the IMAGE magazine will publish it in this June (or maybe July).
I wrote an article “The right to get sick”, and nobody cares to publish it. (I will try harder next time).
My brother and I took care of my dad during his hospital era.
And I wrote คำตาม for a book called “สาวน้อยกระโปรงเพลิง” by สำนักพิมพ์กำมะหยี่, which you can read it here.

During the “seeking for scholarships” period, you know what I hate the most? I hate it when the fund-givers asked “What is your best achievement?”.

I don’t have any. I don’t.

Ask me about the failures, I got tons of them to share.

So…if you read through until this line,

You can now label me. At least, you got some informative info to label me now.

But remember, what’s inside, might not be the same with the label.

or you may be damn right, it might be the same. 😀

Let’s drink Soju. ^^


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