Vietnam in my (cynical) eyes : “Do you believe in Destiny?”

I wrote this journal with broken English since 2006. Long time ago.
At that time, my best friend did not feel satisfied to reveal who she is (may be she still not satisfies these days), therefore I just could not type her name on it.
But this story is (was) 100% true.


Vietnam in my (cynical) eyes : “Do you believe in Destiny?”

After got back home from “the 20 days trip”, it seemed like everyone I know in the world had just only one question to ask; “How’s your Vietnam trip?”.

Frankly, I think my trip was really great, cool, awesome, and fun. But I don’t know why I couldn’t give them those words at that time.

Maybe it’s because at that moment I got just the only word popped up in mind.


Yes, all the word I can think of when talking about my Vietnam trip is just “Destiny”.

Plus the question;Do you believe in destiny?”.

It happened like this…. Just like this…

I got a friend – one best friend who, at the moment, is falling in love with an exchange student guy from America.

They met on May, in a master degree research, and at the end of June the guy went to Laos and Vietnam to travel (and then he’ll go back home – America).

“That’s it” I thought.

But my friend didn’t think that way.

After she heard about my Vietnam trip on July, she asked me to join the trip, and started to create her possibility in life

(or actually .. in love J)

“It can be (and we can meet).” She said.

So the trip started…..

We (my friend and I) planed to go to Hanoi-Vietnam together on July 05th. Unluckily, on that day she got a master degree class so we had to separate.

 I went to Hanoi with an afternoon plane, while she caught a night flight.

The first separate, leads to the second. After considering all the problems that will happen because of different flight, we agreed to stay in different hotel on July 05th, and we will meet on July 06th morning.

Her hotel on the 05th of July night is “Little Hanoi Hotel

(and please don’t care what’s mine, it’s not important to this story J).

And the morning of July 06th came, I woke up and walked from my hotel to my friend’s.

…And there he was, the man of my friend’s dream,

he sat there at “Little Hanoi Hotel” ‘s lobby, playing internet.

“He knows my friend live here, and comes to see her.” I thought.

Because of I don’t know him (and he doesn’t know me too), I decided not to say hello, so I just walked pass him and went up to my friend’s room.

And she’s not there.

According to friends who shared the room with her, my friend woke up early and she just decided to go for a walk.

“OK, she let the guy waits.” It’s an another thought of mine.J

Missing to see my friend in that July 06th morning, I decided to go out town, to Halong bay, and I thought I would come back to see her in the evening.


And when I came back, there she was, standing in her room with plenty-sparkling eyes.

Then she asked; “Do you believe in destiny?”

Oh dear, it’s tough question for me. I better didn’t answer.

“But I do believe.” She said.

And then, the story came.

The most hearth-warming and inspiring story I’ve ever met in Vietnam.

My friend told that in the morning (July 06th ) after I left her hotel, she returned and met someone was sitting there in the lobby.

Her guy.

She was really surprised, and so was he, because they didn’t email to tell each other to make any appointment, which means they didn’t even know each of them would be in Hanoi at that time.

And the more surprisingly part was, last night; on July 05th , they stayed at the same hotel.

“And not just that.” She revealed.

“Actually, he planed to left Hanoi on July 06th, and at the time I met him , he’s just waiting for his rental motorbike. All this means if we didn’t meet at this morning (July 06th), we’ll never know that we lived in the same hotel and we absolutely will never met.”

Oh my God!

What! What! What! What!

….. I said to myself silently.

“Are all this mean,

last (July 5th) night, they stayed at the same hotel and they didn’t know that another of them was there,

in the same Little Hanoi?”

What happened?……….

It’s her first night in Hanoi, and in contrary, it’s his last night.

The guy planed to leave Hanoi on July 06th, while the girl planed to start her trip.

There were so many things in the world that can make them to can’t meet on that day.

What if he didn’t like Hanoi enough, and left before she came?

What if she didn’t stay at “that Hotel”?

What if he didn’t like the Hotel receptionist and chose not to stay there?

What if she woke up in early morning and left hotel to travel around town before he woke up?

What if… what if …what if … what if ?

There are so many “what if” for me.

Same as there are so many questions.

“How can they meet, while there are more than a hundred hotels in Hanoi?”

“Why did he choose that Hotel?”

“And why did her choose to come to Hanoi on that day even in the morning she got a master degree class to attend?”

There are so many reasons in this world that can make them apart and can’t see each other that day.

But finally they met.


They smiled.


And they hugged.

I don’t really know what you all will feel after hearing this story. But for me, I suddenly had a question;

“Is this Destiny?”

“Were they destined to meet on that day –July 06th?”

God only knows, maybe.


Listening a story from friend made me think about myself;

“What’s about me?”

Where’s my destiny?”

“Is he still alive, or for worse, does he even exist?”

And then I realize, maybe I have already met him,

in Vietnam.

My Destiny. 🙂

A younger Harry Potter 🙂

I met him on the train from Hanoi to Hue 🙂
Is he cute?
Ha ha…


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