[a week in photos] First week of Oct 2013

The first week of Oct has arrived. And the semester is here (Oh, no!)

I am not so ready (and never will be), but life still goes on.

Just enjoy it. We are still young (really???). Breath and eat, this is my general philosophy in life.

And my mom always says “Do not forget to have breakfast”.

Word of wisdom, really. She should win a nobel peace prize. 🙂





Start with this video: “Love Elevator”.

I think each floor represents each step in life that we have walked pass.

Always love the work of Wisut Ponnimit; one of the best in Thai modern day artists.






First day at School with Pink jeans. Pink is my real Black, haha.







One of my dream is to visit Tokyo Dome. I went there the day that Giants had a battle match with Swallows.







Life is about High and Low, and the Middle (class). ^^







Professor who teaches Economics said that Economics is about … choices that we made.

Hey! Which one should I invest? ><







Tokyo Rainbow lives from Tokyo Domeรูปภาพ






My simple sweet pain.







Just try to balance a top crop and leopard skirt.







Hello LOVE. ^^







Ahn, my classmate, is giving a moving speech in the Matriculation Ceremony.







Standing formal with Hoa, my classmate, in front of Todai’s famous red gate.







The Kids Are Alright. (Just don’t grow up, Kiddos!!!)







Study hard? … No way. ^^ My default mode is stupid and foolish (and most of the time busy trying to be lazy :D)







Random and then found! The love of my (teenage) life.







Order Kilimanjaro Espresso at Yanaka Coffee (one of the best!) and then ask for sugar and milk.
Hey! I am stupid, I know. Coffee lovers should not destroy Espresso that way I have just done. ><”







And I will finish the week with these … stuffs.
Hey! I just want to be nice with Capitalist-Liberal Society!!!




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