Frances Ha

Frances Ha (USA, 2012, Noah Baumbach)



“Everybody is Frances.”

Frances is a 27 year olds woman, who shares an apartment in New York with Sophie, her bestie. Even reaching the age of 27, she is still an apprentice in The Company, not a real dancer yet. One day, her boyfriend asks her to move to live together, and she refuses because it is much more fun living with Sophie. Then Frances break up with him because of this decision, but find out later that Sophie is about to move to live with another friend which Frances doesn’t like at all.

After that, the director leads us to see her struggling 20 something life in New York. Just like most of us, Frances drink, attend the parties, desperately wish dream to come true, and many times feels wonder why everybody’s life seems better than her. Just like most of us, again, Frances has money problem and sometimes feel competing with her best friend.

Noah Baumbach did it best again in this film, and Greta Gerwig is wonderful. Even the surface of the film is kind of like comedy, but it is a heartbreaking film. I am agree with  Pongson Arunsintaweeporn, the Paris scene is really heart-breaking. And I totally understand Frances’s feeling.

5/5. And do not miss it.





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