things that interest me the most are people, always people. not places, but people.

wrote since 29th Dec 2013, at Hongdae, Seoul.


This morning, breakfast time, I met a Swedish lady who came to Seoul to visit her son who is now studying at Seoul University. Because I once applied for Lund University in Sweden before, then I told her Sweden is number one in my list that I want to study there to learn more about Welfare System. Unfortunately, I did not get a scholarship there, then I have to choose my plan B; Tokyo. 

She told me that the current Swedish government is lowing income tax rate now, which in her opinion, is not good. Yes, she can gain a lot of saving money when the income tax is lower than before, but it is not good for her communities and neighborhood. She said that one of her neighbor currently broke right arm due to work, and even the employer said that the suffering is from work condition. Unfortunately, the responsible department in local government said that it was not from work condition, then the department refused to pay anything for that.

To this lady, she said, people she knows and including her too, would like to pay more tax to benefit more neighbors. “And it is not Philanthropy sense, no, it is not” she stated. “I want to pay more tax because I want to make sure that my kids can still have good public schools to go. And they can have good public hospital to heal them. I want to pay more because I want to make sure that I will still have a good life even when I retire. It is all for myself, but somehow, it will benefit neighbors too. It is a Swedish sense, not Philanthropy.”

I was touched and almost cried.

And this morning confirms me again that, things that interest me the most are people, always people. not places, but people.

From TVXQ! to this Swedish lady, it is “people” that still makes Seoul a place to remember to me.