[film] Boyhood (USA, 2014, Richard Linklater)

Boyhood (USA, 2014, Richard Linklater)


A film that captured of a boy’s life since May 2002 to October 2013, 11 years that him and people around him have grown up, or in the other word, grown old. This film is special because Linklater (the director) spent the actual 11 years to film this life story. It’s not that dramatic life story, Mason Jr. (Ellar Coltrane) has spent the young and the youth just like many American middle-class kids, primary school, junior high, Obama’s first presidential era, and Beyonce & Lady Gaga MV, Facebook, and etc. 

Ethan Hawke played as Mason (the father), but most of the time, I felt like he is Jesse from “Before Midnight”, another film which directed by Linklater. Maybe both Hawke and Linklater forgot that were shooting for “Boyhood”, maybe they confused that they were filming “Manhood” instead. (well, although I am a big fangirl of Hawke, but this is not definitely a compliment.)

Anyway, love this scene in this picture. It reminds me of “22 years-old me” and the tranquil day near the lake with two good friends,

just right before I had to begin my “adulthood”,

and begin a life. 



“Life is expensive, you know?”Mason the father told Mason Jr. while they were camping together one day.



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