[film] Solanin : The portrait of the hardship of becoming adulthood

(2010, Japanese, directed by Takahiro Miki, manga by Inio Asano)


The portrait of the hardship of becoming adults 


Solanin image 01

I may expect more, then I feel a bit unsatisfied, maybe because I am not in that region of twenty something anymore, or maybe, maybe, maybe, (you can type a million “maybe”.)

It’s story about young graduates who feel not satisfied about their lives, asking about the meaning of it, if it, itself, is not meaningless. A young man who once has a dream, seeking it, and, yes, truth always hurts, or maybe his time hasn’t arrived yet.

A young woman who doesn’t know what her dream is, she just know that she is happy standing by a young man’s side. One thing she likes is that listening to a guitarist man talking, she usually likes that part.

Young people in the modern-day Japan, who live in the era that the economic is not that “great” anymore, dream that is hard to achieve, life that is not easy to bargaining with.

Aoi Miyazaki is at her best in this film, but the film itself, may not be for the “now” me.

September 2nd, 2014.



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