[short story] Tokyo Zero Degree

“Tokyo zero degree”



In the freezing winter,
one day,
I had a warm can of coffee in my hand,
then you asked,
about the place I like the most in Tokyo,
a reply went on,
so much many doubts when we were young,
too many,
“It opens 24 hours,
you can count on,
from zero degree to forty degree,
It is there,
not always but normally,
not so much things in the world can make you feel like that,
like Lawson”,
“But the food is bad,” you said,
then I agreed,
In a zero degree sunny day,
with the warm can of coffee in my hand.




One thought on “[short story] Tokyo Zero Degree

  1. Pardon me while I wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes…I do not even feel the need to watch this video now… nothing could be better than that summary! Random payphone related info: I had some friends who used to take pictures of &#n8o0;payph22es in the wild” when they saw one in a public space.


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