“Ain’t love grand?”

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picture credit: Substantia Jones

In summer break 2014, I, myself, was struggling with the idea how to brighten up and made my teeth beautifully, as the way that I usually thought it should be.

Seriously, I tried to quit my coffee obsession routine. I searched all websites that I could get the info about how to achieve the “ideal teeth” that modern women were implicitly told she should have.

In contemporary Thai media, especially fashion magazines, it is rare to see the imperfection in the published photos. Actually, even in the newspaper, when come to the process of selecting the photos, subconsciously, the selection team would prefer the ideal beauty more than the alternatives.

The problems about the “choices” that we have been given in the modern world is that, sometimes, it makes us feel that we do not have another choices. Seems like the alternatives don’t even exist.

One day after the breakfast, I watched the Keira Knightley in her stunning role in “Begin Again”, and then, that moment, I realized that even Keira Knightley doesn’t have the perfect teeth.

I decided to reunion with my coffee obsession again that day.

Back to the following link, speaking as a former feature editor in a magazine related to health, I will not dare to say that ‘continue being fat is a healthy idea.’ Undoubtedly, it is not. If you have choices in life, I will and always encourage you to chose to become a healthy person (and in the word of “healthy”, I don’t mean “slim”.)

But the world is grand, people are varied, and asides from the “conventional ideal about the healthy and beauty” that occupied the mainstream (social) media nowadays, we need spaces and the alternative stories to make us realize that there are so many ways to enjoy and live life, in an acceptable way.

In a way that we will not hate ourselves, and our lives that much.

I don’t have perfect teeth. My skin is not like what I once had when I was 22. I looked at Kendall Jenner and felt a little jealous about her look.

But the world is grand, people are varied, and at least, we still have people like Keira Knightley in the film business. (and she is super cool.)

I guarantee that there will be a time that I would crave to have those perfect eyes, nose, lips, etc, again in the near future. But at least, I feel safe now to realize that the world still have some journalists / artists / storytellers who tell that, sometimes life also provides some options and alternatives to us.

Photo Info: 
Substantia Jones is the founder of and photographer for the photo-activism campaign, The Adipositivity Project, and runs both SmileSizeist.com and UppityFatty.com.

She recently described this in her latest project.

Each year I photograph fat people with their partners for The Adipositivity Project’s Valentine Series. ‘Cause ain’t love grand? To purchase this and other Adipositivity prints, go to http://theadipositivityproject.zenfolio.com/prints

source: http://theadipositivityproject.zenfolio.com/valentine/h35C037#h35c037



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