[thought] LINE – Instagram – Thailand – and Global Value


credit picture: belong to instagram owner

In Tokyo, it always wonders me when meeting people from the other sides of the globe who newly reside in the capital of Japan and tell me about their relationship with “LINE” as; “I have LINE”.

It wonders me because, in Thailand, we normally use LINE in daily life communication, being informed that they have LINE ID is the same as they are telling me that humanity need oxygen to fuel their lives.

Then, I realize Thailand is the second largest in term of LINE users in the world, chasing after only Japan.

But we also use Instagram in our daily lives, and in daily lives, I include “online shopping” in the definition too.

The relationship about Thai online users and Instagramis that some small entrepreneurs (and even Thai celebrities) turn the application into the online shops, and then they use the LINE chat to communicate about the payment method.

Yes, we don’t use the systematic payment method such as the method that well known Aliexpress or Rakuten use (what is PayPal anyway? Just tell me your bank account and I will transfer money to you :D)

I don’t say it is good or bad, but it seems obvious that Thai users can adapt the global applications and convert (or abuse) them into Thai ways or Thai styles.

Do we need to embrace all global values? If you seriously want to know my answer;

please LINE me in my LINE ID.

And here is the payment method 🙂

Read an interesting article about the Thai online users that amazed a Silicon Valley native and former entrepreneur here : https://www.techinasia.com/line-instagram-ecommerce-thailand/



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