[film] Snap: Lost Decade of modern Thailand


Snap (2015, Thailand, Kongdej Jaturanrasmee)

A+(100 times)

Snap Movie (2015)


In the surface, Snap seems to be a romantic love story about two high school friends who reunited when their old friends get married back in their (former) hometown.

But like we all know, Kongdej’s films are always driven by politics, the fate of small people that were swung by something which is more powerful than ‘love’; it is politics.

Between the military coups d’etat in 2006 and 2014, it is the eight years time, eight years that seems like everything in Thailand was snapped, stopped, and stolen.

“Eight years, but we didn’t achieve anything”, the woman character said in one remarkable scene in the aquarium.

Not because I am Thai, but indeed, since the military coup in 2006, Thailand has become one of the most interesting countries for scholars who are interested in the ‘memory building’, since we, people who live in the country, choose to forget something, create new grand narrative history, and sometimes not so sure, about what happened around us.

Snap was first released in Tokyo International Films Festival last year, before it returned to its home country in the end of 2015. Since it was surrounded by many domestic political events in the film, I wonder how the foreign audiences would interpret it.

Snap discusses a lot about the distorted “memory”, how we remember, forget, and interpret things, events, and people. Sometimes, in the same event, it is shocking to realize that what we choose to remember is totally different.

If you are interested to know more about modern Thailand in the Lost (memory) Decade, this is the film for you.



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