35 things I learnt at 35

Ten years ago, I wrote “25 things I learnt when I was 25“.
This year, I turns 35, and want to review my value in life; what I think, feel, and also believe. Here are some random thoughts from 35 TT.


35 things I learnt at 35

1)flowers are beautiful, also family.

2)someone will come and broke your heart, let them do. learn. and love again.

3) giving is not equally to taking. if you want to give something (a hand, a heart, a help, etc.) to someone, expect nothing in return.

4) everybody has its own war.

5) you can’t have it all. it is true. even you are Mark Zuckerberg or Kim Jung Il, it is still true. you can’t have it all dear.

6) money can buy happiness. seriously.

7) money matters for long distance.

8) best ice cream of all time is Ladurée’s Ispahan. 

9) Life is short. I know it is cliche. But dear, life is short. If you think it still sounds unconvincingly, ask Sheryl Sandberg here.

10) The wrong train may take you to the right station, but this is not the rule.

11) As growing, you can transform to be something or someone you once hated, or really hated. Be careful.

12) No matters what happen, be true to yourself.

13) Love and forgive. Be optimistic. My best friend, Mari, has taught me this.

14) The first lesson they will teach you at skiing is – How to fall. And if you fall good, they will say: “great fall”. This is kinda related to a life philosophy – it is good to know how to fall, greatly.

15) The second lesson in skiing is – “How to stop”.

16) If you know how to fall and how to stop then, there you go 😀

17) If you are 35, you don’t need a good reason to buy La Mer. You NEED to have La Mer. Period

18) Again. Money can buy happiness. La Mer case confirms that.

19) Money matters. Happiness also matters.

20) Hello Kitty is not a cat.

21) Doraemon is a cat.

22) Young generation is the real hope to this world. And I mean :Daehan, Minguk, Manse 😀

23) TVXQ!/ JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is sexy.

24) Also EXO’s Oh Sehun.

25) “But what seems like a reasonable distance to one person might feel too far to somebody else.” – Haruki Murakami, After Dark.

26) “In every relationship, someone need to do the dishes”, Wutthichai_K.

27) “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. Say you’re running and you think, ‘Man, this hurts, I can’t take it anymore. The ‘hurt’ part is an unavoidable reality, but whether or not you can stand anymore is up to the runner himself.” – Haruki Murakami, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running .

28) “Hurt people hurt people.” – from a film I forget the name.

29) “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.” True.

30) But I am sorry that I hurt you. Seriously.

31) Social media is not an evil. You just need to be wise to use it.

32) Democracy is not a demon, also. Even Trump wins and Brexit triumphs. Mass democracy has its flaw, but we should not deny ‘democracy’.

33) Bridget Jones is funny, although she is forty-something. Or fifty?

34) Umeshu (plum wine) is the king of all liquor. Period.

35) skateboarding is fun!













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