japan: date

I am dating this new clean, calm, and so-called neat guy which I have just met; his name is “Tokyo”. But sometimes, I still miss my ex, who I had been in a love-hate relationship with almost 14 years, and his name is “Bangkok”.


Japan: 2013.12.07

เดินออกไปซื้อช็อกโกแลตตอนใกล้เที่ยงคืน เจอคุณตำรวจโบกรถแท็กซี่ที่วิ่งผ่าน… เปล่า ไม่ได้โบกไถเงิน แต่เรียกแท็กซี่ให้คุณลุงคนหนึ่งในซอยที่เหมือนหมดแรงกะทันหัน คุณตำรวจมีสองคน คนหนึ่งเดินออกมาโบกรถให้ อีกคนเดินประคองคุณลุงออกมาจากซอย … ยืนดูสถานการณ์ (a.k.a เสือก) จนคุณลุงขึ้นรถ ฟุบหลับ และแท็กซี่ขับพ้นสายตาไป

เราแค่สงสัยว่าทำไมคุณลุงอยู่คนเดียว (แต่บ้านเขาอาจจะไม่ได้อยู่ตรงนี้ และคงไม่ได้โบกแท็กซี่เพื่อไป รพ. มั้ง)

คิดถึงที่บ้านอ่ะ พ่อแม่แก่แล้ว ไม่อยากให้พ่อแม่ต้องโบกแท็กซี่คนเดียวตอนเที่ยงคืนเลย ถึงจะมีคุณตำรวจคอยช่วยโบกก็เถอะ

ที่ทำได้ คงต้องตั้งใจเรียนสินะ

status: 2013.12.08

My most achievement as a shopgirl

On Friday night, two classmates and I went to Gap, Shinjuku. It was 30% sale and it also was 9.30 pm. The shop had to close at 10. I wanted to buy one beautiful down jacket for my Seoul trip during Xmas, but it was 24,500¥, too expensive even I got price after sale around 18,000¥. As time run by, we, who cannot speak or read Japanese, asked Gap staffs if there would be another ways that we could get more discount or not. One staff told us to apply for Gap membership and then we would get more 30 % off ( one 30% for members and another 30% for that day’s promotion. But the truth is that was almost 10 pm, it was last day for sale campaign, and it took time for people who cannot read Japanese to apply for membership. Anyway, three of us refused to give up (as housewives rule number one), then we logged on to registration link, typed many info in so many pages which were written in Japanese. And finally, after failed for two times, we succeeded in the third try. It was 9.53 pm, as we run to cashier counter, the Gap guy asked us how could we; as foreigners, know this trick to get 30% + 30% discount. We said that we just asked ( and tried to guess in Japanese.). Then after all, I paid for the most beautiful down jacket from 24,500¥ deducted to 12,200¥ (around).

If I have to write an essay describing my most achievement in life, I would write about this story for sure.

Don’t you think of it as an achievement in life, huh? (Forget those UN moment, this is too way better than that, trust me ><‘)

status: 2013.12.08

I have just found the concrete way to develop Thailand.

It is to give small people like my mom some social awards such as Best Community Inspiration. She works hard all her life, devotes herself to community, raises a beautiful daughter (a.k.a me). She is a true inspiration. I am serious, we should give her an award. And also, we should value small devotees who work for communities more too.