What I had witnessed in an economic crisis in 1997

When Thailand was hit by 1997 economic crisis, many people who worked in advertising field were laid off. But a few years later, that was the era that we had seen a lot of many independent new-coming publishers and so-called creative and full of energy 90s start-ups.

That time was harsh, difficult, and made young people worried a lot about their future.

But it was that time too, that I could say, I had witness a lot of creative ideas and hope-for-the-good energy that finally it has inspired me and a little of them has still been with me since.

Many people in that generation have also grown up, and now become the important players who play a big role in constructing Thailand and South East Asian economy now.

To me, there will never been something called “Lost Generation”.
The young today will know how to grow up, and construct something amazing soon when they turn 30s,

yes, with their struggling experiences,

but each generation has its own pain to carry,

even my mother has one.



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